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Environment Monitoring at its best.


Advanced monitoring equipment for server rooms and data centers. Web-based manufacturer-independent application without software installation. Runs on any terminal device with web capability.


The web-based software enables you to perform remote monitoring of a data center from any terminal device with web capability. EnviMonitor can be used to monitor the environment conditions in server rooms from Android, Apple and Windows smartphones and tablet computers without needing to install any software. The intuitive and clearly arranged software and its unmatched cost/performance ratio have convinced the professional jury of the German Data Center Award.




  • What is monitoring?

    Monitoring is supervision of processes and states by technical equipment. This is achieved by collecting and logging data from sensors. Sometimes monitoring also intervenes in the control of processes if defined threshold values are violated.

  • What is the use of monitoring?

    Monitoring avoids failures and increases operational reliability. Compliance with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) IT-Grundschutz and/or ISO27000 requirements is another important aspect.

  • What is EnviMonitor?

    EnviMonitor is a software for monitoring the environment in a data center. The status of the components to be monitored can be shown in a very clear-cut and concise layout with graphic tiles representing sensors and by arranging sensors in groups. EnviMonitor polls sensors using the SNMP protocol and is therefore independent of device manufacturers. This makes it possible to monitor sensor equipment from many different areas such as access control, temperature monitoring, UPS, air conditioning, stand-by generating sets by a single system. About 30 different sensor types are available to display sensor values. You can define new sensor types referred to as USER sensors for special applications such as the filling level of an oil tank.

  • How much does the EnviMonitor software cost?

    The EnviMonitor software is starting from prices at just 3,000,- Euro plus V.A.T.

  • How many sensors can I poll?

    The number of sensors is not limited. The maximum number in a specific application depends on the performance of the server running EnviMonitor. A standard system can operate with 500-1000 sensors. The demo version is limited to 10 sensors and 30 days.

  • How are sensors linked to the software?

    When defining a sensor, enter a freely selected name for the sensor, the IP address, the OID of the sensor value and the sensor type to identify the sensor to the system; it can be polled immediately. You can assign a sensor to one or more sensor groups. You can arrange sensor groups hierarchically and give them any name, e.g. Campus, Building, Floor, DC 1, DC 2. Limits can be inherited to a subordinate sensor group and alerts (alarms) to a parent sensor group.

  • Difference between Administrator and User interfaces

    The administrator defines the sensors, limits and actions in the EnviMonitor database. The administrator creates logical sensor groups and assigns the corresponding elements to these by drag & drop. These sensor groups can then be used to create different configurations (views). Users can assemble their customized configuration (view) from the sensor groups.

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